Michael Ede, CEO, Uplift11


Uplift11 is one of the fastest growing UK based sports management agency with a simple purpose, to uplift and fully maximise the potential of new and experienced talent in sports and to develop a truly rewarding career. Led by the FA licensed players intermediary – Michael Ede, we predominantly operate in the UK with deal transactions across various continents.

Our basic strategy and aim is for the discovery (scouting) and promotion of sporting talents, provision of careful career planning – spanning from representation to marketing and mindset, and the nurturing of their career progression through all phases of their journey.

Uplift11 operates a positive working environment where all our talents can thrive, and this is the single driver of our swift success. We are positioned to represent talents across sports providing them with meticulous, thorough and professional service. We extend our scope of work with other FA registered intermediaries and sports consultants who are looking to partner with us.

Uplift11 works with various affiliates including academies, top sporting brands, sports consultants, licensed agents and scouts. Our commitment is to ensure that every sports talent under our portfolio is managed with integrity and to the best of our ability. We will work for you, fight the good course for you, making sure that every opportunity to become GREAT won’t pass you by.

Michael Ede, MBA – Husband, Father, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Investor. He owns Uplift11 (Instagram: @uplift11sports, web: www.uplift11.com), he’s also a Director of Training & Development for Brighter Connect (Instagram: @brighterconnecttraining, www.brighterconnect.com) and currently the CEO of Maigmike Consulting (www.maigmikeconsulting.com).

He is the Managing Director of Uplift11 and an experienced entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science Honours and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. With over 16 years experience in the management of various projects across the globe. Michael has worked for some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, consulting firms and biopharma giants.

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