Apple Announces Season 2 Premiere Date For TV+ Original Series ‘See’

In a press release published Thursday, Apple announced the second season of its TV+ original drama series, See, will premiere on Friday, August 27. The company also said the show has been picked up for a third season ahead of the new season’s start.

Apple has posted the Season 2 trailer to YouTube.

See, which stars Jason Mamoa and Alfre Woodward, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is Blind and the very notion of a person having sight is the stuff of heresy and legend. The show is particularly noteworthy for being one of two on Apple’s TV+ roster—the other being the Sara Barielles and JJ Abrams-backed Little Voicethat authentically portray disability in Hollywood. Disability has historically been depicted in film and television as tragic and something to be pitied and overcome, often resulting in pandering fodder that many in the disability community derisively refer to as “inspiration porn.” To Apple’s credit, the tech titan has taken the same empathetic, humanistic approach to producing both See and Little Voice as they do their consumer tech products. In the case of See, the work has been so successful that the show received the prestigious Ruderman Family Foundation’s Seal of Authentic Representation award last year for its genuine portrayal of disabled people.

Episodes of Season 2 of See will drop on Apple TV+ every Friday. In the meantime, the first season is available now in the TV app to binge in anticipation of Season 2.

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